The Forgotten Dialect Introduction

A Mind Body Spirit ebook written from the insights of Neurologist on a path of God Union.

A resource offered by the spiritually inspired medical clinic:

Healthy Mind Body

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At this time, The Forgotten Dialect is a work in progress. Roger intends to publish one chapter at a time, here at this website. At the completion of the project, a free downloadable and printable version will be available to all.

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Disclaimer: This paper is not meant to substitute a conventional medical evaluation or treatment.

Author's Credentials:
  1. Board Certified Neurologist since 2005, with additional experience in pain management and stroke.
  2. Extensive independent study and personal application of mind body spirit practices and principles.
  3. Personal life experiences as a son, student, teacher, doctor, husband, father and patient.

Summary: After an intense and unexpected experience on Christmas Eve in 2008, Dr. Gietzen immediately saw the shortcomings to modern medicine. Since that time he has worked diligently to ensure that his medical practice is spiritually oriented. With this short ebook, he intends to help further the understanding of how to achieve lasting health and happiness naturally. His goal is to communicate in a way that everyone can grasp, yet simultaneously to satisfy readers with a healthcare background. The basic premise supported by this paper is that our health and happiness occur naturally when we learn to recognize our conscience and conduct our lives in harmony with it. Hence natural health is the result of spiritual life work. Succeeding at this life work requires much more efforts than we may at first suspect. But if we apply ourselves to it diligently, we will see clearly that our health has always been a personal responsibility and solely under our control.

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