Fees and Availability

Fees – Payment by the heart

  • This clinic operates on an “payment by the heart” basis. This means I expect payment, but the client determines the amount. It is important that the client is the one to pay. Although donations from a third party, such as a parent or friend are welcomed, they do not substitute the payment that is expected from the one benefiting from a session. Payment is expected at the time of service for face to face sessions and before sessions provided remotely.
  • First session payments are often in the range of $50 – $100, with later sessions usually half the amount.
  • 100% of the income from this clinic is used towards the humanitarian work I perform in Haiti.
  • Learn more about that work by visiting the webiste for my nonprofit, Global Freedom Project.

Global Freedom Project donate

If you are a resident of New York or New Jersey, please donate using the button below. Global Freedom Project cannot accept donations from those states. You can donate to me, but the donation will be taxable.


  • Mind body spirit counseling is available either face to face or remotely through the use phone, video calling or other forms of communication.
  • Appointments can be made at virtually anytime, depending on the intensity of need. Normally I am available for counseling sessions immediately. This clinic is located in the Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) zone, or GMT -4/5 hours depending on the daylight savings time offset.
  • I can make home visits, when feasible.
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