Favorite Mind Body Spirit Resources

1. Juice Cleanse Guide

Are you stressed, moody, suffering low energy or just missing clarity on how to move forward in life? Consider studying and applying this comprehensive guidebook to learn the practice of juice cleansing. After 10 years of regular juice cleansing and fasting and 2 years of preparing, I have finally completed this document. Juice cleansing was the first thing that helped break me from negative habits and I feel is still one of the most powerful mind body practices I use. A 10 day juice cleanse is a catalyst for change. But don’t rely on my word, try it yourself.

2. Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition

A comprehension collection of spiritual teachings, notable for having many practical recommendations for making lifestyle changes and detailed instructions for various spiritual practices all of which help open one’s awareness to God’s presence in their life. These teachings provide the inspiration for my spiritual path. The website “The Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love” contains a few important chapters online, but the bulk of the material is only accessible offline after downloading the eBook; Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition. The large size of this eBook can be daunting, but I encourage all to read a dozen pages or so from the “On Your Wings of Love” section. I was hooked at that point and my life continues to benefit from the deeply positive influence it has had. The eBook is available for download for free. If you are not familiar with using torrent software, unarchiving large files and verifying a file’s integrity using a md5sum check, you may find this tutorial helpful: A Guide to Managing the Spiritual Treasures. If you would like to read a sample of the Spiritual Treasures, a few chapters have been published online, some of my favorite ones are in the collection: God is Love.

3. The Presence Process, Revised Edition

A book with a 10 week program which teaches a simple form of meditation and provides a methodical way to apply spiritual principles throughout one’s daily routine. The program’s strength is that it shows one how to use their current life as a school for spiritual lessons. The goal of the author is to help other’s learn to feel God’s presence by developing their capacity to process emotions, while maintaining positive intentions. Near the end of the book, the author, Michael Brown shares a story of transformation that occurred while he was facilitating his program. It is available to read here: Clive and Nadine.

4. A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle was depressed and suicidal before having a spontaneous spiritual experience that helped him see how he had been contributing to his own unhappiness. He shares his unique perspectives in this book, with many practical pointers to help others see through their own unhappiness in a world of confusion. The book is saturated with his sincerity, confidence and peace.

5. Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day Yoga Exercise Plan

An excellent “learn at home” hatha yoga plan. For more information, read this brief review: Mind Body Spirit; Yoga Plan

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