Artwork by: Kevin Barton

Artwork by: Kevin Barton

Healthy Mind Body

Healthy Mind Body is a holistic clinic focused on self-help practices. There are 2 ways to utilize this clinic:

  1. Use the mind body spirit resources recommended by this website on your own. All the resources recommended or offered here can be applied independently.
  2. Set up a counseling session. This can be done remotely over the phone (preferably a video phone call) or in person.

This spiritually inspired holistic medical clinic is a one man operation. That man is me, Roger Gietzen, MD. Although I am trained as a neurologist and still work in the hospital setting, at this clinic I will be offering purely holistic medical resources and services. If you chose to work with me, you could think of me as a life coach and friend. I am happy to share my expertise from the medical field, but do not expect to receive prescriptions, orders for diagnostic testing or documentation for disability or insurance purposes.


Before setting up an appointment for mind body spirit counseling, make sure you are in agreement with the basic requirements that I have found necessary to follow for success. These include:

  • Having or being open to having a relationship with God (or whatever you like to call our hidden helper our Source) and being open for unconditional love.
  • Willing to set aside time and energy for mind body spirit practices every day. It is best to get closure with other healthcare providers before coming to this clinic because at times these practices will demand 100% of your efforts.
  • Taking full responsibility for your situation by recognizing that there is an emotional and/or spiritual root cause to every problem in life, including illnesses and accidents. We inadvertently create our own problems. The point in taking full responsibility is to empower us and stimulate change. Its not meant to make us feel guilty or for self blame.

Learn more about the principles this clinic operates by and see if it is fitting for you: Spiritually oriented holistic health principles

Roger’s Life Purpose

I am a lover of life. I am a supporter of God, Love and Nature. My life goal is God Union and I wish to wake up the spirit in others as I walk my spiritual path home to God.

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