Mind Body Spirit Services

1. Mind Body Spirit Counseling

My style of holistic medicine is unique. For lack of a better term, I refer to it as “mind body spirit counseling”. If you believe that problems in life (especially health related problems) are a unique message to you that something needs to change and you are willing to take full responsibility for your life experiences, then you have come to the right place. You may find it helpful to read about my spiritually oriented holistic health principles before reaching out for a counseling session.

I specialize in facilitating discovery of the hidden life lesson most needing one’s attention. Successfully solving these life lessons is a 24/7 job and requires all of one’s efforts. The benefits are sweeping. For example, the root cause of a pain problem may also be tied into one’s job, romantic partner and self image. Solving this one pain problem may require work in all those areas, but will improve one’s physical health globally and also result in deepening relationships and more purpose in life. These hidden life lessons are very difficult to face and although there is a way to solve them, there normally is no quick fix. Before pursuing this type of life work, I ask that you get closure on any other treatments you are engaged in. Explore all the quick fixes that you feel are promising and then come to me when you are ready to face whatever needs facing.

As my primary service is mind body spirit counseling I am flexible with the way in which I meet with my patients and clients. The session may occur at my home based clinic, a neutral location or via phone/video communication. I may start with a short guided meditation to help set a relaxed tone and clear both of our minds for the visit. Then normally we discuss the nature of any problems which you wish to seek clarity on. The length of a visit will vary depending on your needs, but it commonly ranges from 1 to 3 hours. The goal of the visit is to discover the root cause of your problem and gain clarity for resolving it. These insights may come in a variety of ways:

• I may have insights and share them with you.
• You may have your own insights during the visit.
• You may develop your own insights after the visit by applying the various homework assignments I often recommend.

I prescribe whatever has worked best for me in my own life. I focus on tools that one can use autonomously because they promote freedom and independence. I love using yoga, meditation, meditative nature walks, juice cleansing, changes in diet, lifestyle or life choices. I may suggest natural remedies, if applicable.

The length of our engagement will vary depending on the problem, but you may expect to make about 3 visits over a period of 1-2 months. My goal is to work towards your independence, meaning that ultimately you get the gist of this type of life work and are able to carry it out on your own. In this way you would be a temporary companion of mine, before heading off in your own direction.

2. Nature Based Remedies

I love using natural based remedies for me and my family. I have informally studied naturopathy for years and have firsthand experience using fasting, juice cleansing, homeopathy, flower essences, herbal tinctures and essential oils. Whenever it is fitting these remedies maybe prescribed in addition to the mind body spirit work.

3. Lectures

I am available to provide holistic medicine education in a variety of settings for the general public or healthcare workers. Please contact me to enquire.

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