Spiritually Oriented Holistic Health Principles

I believe that all suffering and illnesses serve a deeper purpose to awaken the spirit within us. They are a warning that we are out of alignment with our soul. By realigning, the mind, body and spirit all come in balance and health and happiness is a natural by product.

To realign is sometimes as simple as a life change, but more often it requires sustained daily inner work. These persistent efforts trigger a process to unfold, something inside of us that is intelligent and bigger than us, that opens us to a loving spiritual presence, which results in an inner healing. In this way, our life acts as a teacher and the more we learn, the more we will truly see that all suffering, illnesses and even accidents are no accident. They are happening on purpose to awaken the spirit in us and reunite us with God.

I live by the following principles. They have proven to be critical for achieving success on a path of holistic health.

  1. There is a spiritual/emotional root cause beneath every health problem (and every life problem for that matter).
  2. The Law of Karma, known by different names in all true religious and spiritual traditions, is real and applies to our thoughts, words and actions.
  3. Life on earth is temporary in nature, and our sole purpose is to learn to reconcile with all, forgive all, love all and then return to our real home “heaven” in God.

Although physical health problems may be the first reason to embark on a holistic journey, I have found the key to success is to have spiritual orientation. If you achieve spiritual health, the rest takes care of itself. My first real holistic health experience was a 10 day long juice cleanse. I started because I knew I had been neglecting my body for a couple years and I just wanted to improve my physical health. However I ended up getting a surprise. I had my first big “waking up” of the spirit inside me. After getting a taste of that, my curiosity about spirituality became my driving force in life. That was 2008. I have been on a spiritual path ever since. There have been multiple experiences that have proven to me that there is a “hidden helper” willing to guide me in a loving way through all the problems life can throw at me. I have a palpable relationship with this hidden helper, whom I believe is God, and have great trust in His guidance. I’ve just had to:

  • put forth efforts (greater than I knew I was capable of)
  • take full responsibility for my life
  • be loving in all that I do and
  • continue to look within for validation, instead of going to other people

If you wish to work with me, its important that you are open to having a spiritual focus. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had any spiritual experiences, or if there is some rejection towards God. All that matters is you are open to the fact that there is a spiritual dimension to life and that you are willing to open a line of communication with God. It is my wish that all get a taste of divine love, because once someone has a firsthand experience, then they become self-motivated and intuitively understand how to reorient their lives.

Beyond these basic spiritual principles I don’t do much preaching. In my life it is all about quietly applying spiritual principles and seeing the magic happen. For those who wonder what has motivated my spiritual path, it is a set of teachings known as the Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition. This is available in an ebook online. These teachings are yogic in origin, specifically a branch of Kriya Yoga. I would describe Kriya Yoga as being a Christian teaching in the eyes of Jesus, but at the same time recognizing the existence of karma, chakras and reincarnation. However this is a spiritual path, not a religion, and so it is unique. In 2014, Hans Neukomm, the author of the Spiritual Treasures died. Before this happened, he had disseminated the ebook on the internet, free to the public through a torrent file download. It was his wish that the people who enjoyed the teachings would support the ebook. It is intended to be free for all and never to be owned by any entity or organization.

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