Healthy Mind Body

A spiritually inspired holistic medicine clinic serving the local Michigan community directly and the global community remotely.

This clinic and all of it's resources, are the sole work of Roger Gietzen, MD. A neurologist who shares his insights about achieving wellness from a spiritual path of God Union.


Dr. Gietzen's overall goal is to help people become aware of God's presence in their lives.

Website Mission

The purpose of this website is to share holistic medicine and mind body spirit resources that can be applied independently by anyone who is interested in taking control of their health and happiness.

Clinic Mission

Roger operates a home based clinic. This small country home is surrounded by nature and is open for all who sincerely wish to cultivate their spiritual wellbeing. His goal is to enable each patient to become their own guide through deepening their own conscience or spiritual intuition. He does this work because the quality of service you provide to others, determines the quality of experiences that naturally flow into your own life.

Clinic Principles

This clinic operates under the principle that health and happiness are a natural expression of spiritual wellbeing. The human being is resilient when thriving in life. Achieving this requires a firm desire to become a better person and to prove it through daily actions. The primary services offered by Dr. Gietzen are counseling and meditation instructions. He believes that wherever we are in life, there is always one practical change we can make to deepen our spiritual wellbeing. That practical "next step" can be thought of as a hidden life test. The goal of his counseling and meditation is to help people see clearly what that "next step" is, so that it may be put into action. Learn more about the basic holistic medicine principles of this clinic by clicking on the icon below:

Mind Body Spirit Principles Practices

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