Healthy Mind Body

Healthy Mind Body is a one man operation, which consists of a variety of resources and services all intended to produce health and happiness through fostering one's inner wellbeing. The author and medical provider for this spiritually inspired holistic medical clinic is me, Roger Gietzen, MD. Although I am trained and still working as a neurologist in the hospital setting, here I will be offering purely holistic medical services.

Overall Purpose

My life goal is God Union and I wish to help people become aware of God's presence in their lives.

Website Mission

The purpose of this website is to share resources that can be applied autonomously by anyone who is interested in taking control of their health and happiness. This is achieved primarily through the Healthy Spirit Blog and other links found on this homepage.


I travel frequently and so to be most accurate, my "clinic" is wherever my body happens to be. That being said, I do have a physical clinic in Metamora, Michigan. This is operated out of my small country home which is surrounded by nature and is open for all who sincerely wish to engage in the life work which is central to holistic health.

Clinic Principles

I live my life by following two main principles. By successfully applying these principles, my life is getting better. The quality of my relationships with others is deepening and I'm living a happier, simpler life. The clinic operates under these same principles. Understand them and you will understand the essence of the life work which is foundational for cultivating your inner wellbeing.
  1. You are able to receive direct guidance from God.
  2. You are influenced by the Law of Karma (that which you do to others is done unto you).
Life is happening on purpose. Any "problems" you are having are actually hidden life lessons. They are a result of past non-loving thoughts, words and actions or lessons you brought into this life to learn. They are opportunities to prove yourself to be a loving person and to deepen your connection with God. I am having success passing these life tests and it has been the hardest work I have ever done. It pushes all my limits, mind body and spirit. For those who are ready to learn from their lives and resolve self-created, recurring life problems, come join me in this life work. One of the primary services I offer is to facilitate the discovery of the pertinent hidden lesson in your life and whatever actions need to be taken to solve it. If you are not familiar with how your intentions and actions influence your life experiences, this type of work will seem magical. Learn to cultivate your inner wellbeing in this way, and health and happiness will follow.

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Artwork by: Kevin Barton