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Holistic Health and the Covid Pandemic

Health happens when the mind, body and spirit are connected and clean. Health is accessible to everyone through God-given natural means, but requires far more intense and continuous efforts than most people realize. Disease is a warning that the conditions for health are missing. Disease is not the sign of a missing surgery, medicine or […]


Clove Tincture Recipe

Clove tincture has multiple therapeutic purposes.  I take it along with black walnut hull tincture and wormwood tincture as an antiparasitic.  In this article, I share how to make your own clove tincture by hand. Basic Recipe Mix ground cloves with 80-100 proof alcohol.  Let the mix sit for 6 weeks, strain and reserve the […]


Wormwood Tincture Recipe

Wormwood, when taken along with cloves and black walnut hull, is an excellent antiparasitic remedy.  Dr. Hulda Clark advocated this triad of herbs.  Although she suggested taking the wormwood in a dried capsule form, I love to use herbs in tincture form.  If made from fresh herb, I feel more of the essence is retained […]

How to Make Rich Compost Fast

Homemade compost is magic!  I can recall mixing my first batch with some doubts that chunks of kitchen waste and leaves would disappear and be replaced by dirt.  But that is exactly the magic that happened.  Compost is a rich, living soil which solves most organic gardening problems beyond the basics of providing proper water, […]