Health happens when the mind, body and spirit are connected and clean. Health is accessible to everyone through God-given natural means, but requires far more intense and continuous efforts than most people realize. Disease is a warning that the conditions for health are missing. Disease is not the sign of a missing surgery, medicine or pharmaceutical product. Health can be achieved through low tech natural means, that create freedom and independence. Humans do not have to depend on corporations, large businesses or pharmaceutical companies to enjoy health. In fact, if one is dependent on such entities they can be sure that they are only suppressing the root cause of the disease, not actually curing it. Even in the cases where a medicine resolves the original illness, the deeper emotional and spiritual root cause remains untouched. Success is only superficial and suffering will return in some form or another at a later date. The body will continue to warn the individual that health is missing.

Understanding the law of karma and it’s logical solution, unconditional love, is the first step towards re-establishing holistic health. Practices that help connect the mind, body and spirit will stimulate an emotional and spiritual cleansing. Some of the most important practices that have helped me are: regular meditation, positive affirmations, fasting, physical exercise, exposure to nature, a fresh whole foods diet, meaningful hard work, random acts of kindness, forgiveness and investing in high quality relationships (by being selective with my friends and maintaining personal integrity in my life).

When I realized the importance of these practices, I immediately stopped using alcohol and did my best to limit my exposure to any chemicals, such as pharmaceuticals and agro-toxins present in food. I also realized that it’s important to embrace the symptoms of an illness when they manifest (they are just a messenger) and invest more energy in the previously mentioned holistic health practices as opposed to focusing on the messenger. As a result, illnesses happen much less often (I have stopped getting my seasonal sore throat and occasional migraines) and when the do happen, they pass much faster.

Occasionally I have been challenged by severe symptoms, such as a 3 month episode of intense, exploding right leg and buttocks pain that made it impossible for me to stand up straight and tormented me through out every activity I performed, including limiting my sleep to just 2-3 hours. Even in that case I recognized it was futile to fight with the symptoms or try to suppress them with pain medications. I carried on life as usual, just much slower and focused only on my most critical daily activities. I asked God if there was anything I needed to change in my life and the answer in this case was: no, everything is okay. This was an intense spiritual cleanse and all I needed to do was stay strong and allow it to pass. Indeed that was what happened and the benefits that followed in the wake of that storm permeated through all of my life. I may write more details about this in another article.

I’m writing this now because I see so many people confused about what it means when we get an illness or disease. I see many who intuitively know that everything happens on purpose. I see many people who are hesitant to use modern medicines and vaccines, but they are missing strength in their conviction. They have forgotten the big picture. Now more than ever there is an intense social pressure to convince us that we must rely on these man-made chemicals (and the companies that make them) in hopes to achieve health. It’s easy to forget that our body’s are highly intelligent and the symptoms are simply a “messenger” that something inside is out of balance. Now more than ever, it’s important to remain strong.

When people are suffering, it’s tempting to reach for the “quick fix” that yields some sort of immediate results, but with unknown long-term consequences. It’s easy to fight with the disease or suppress the symptoms, but at best this leaves the root cause unaddressed and leaves the individual with a false sense of security. At worst it intensifies the illness. All diseases are an attempted spiritual cleanse, if not interfered with they will pass and leave life better than before. And I believe deeply that death (no matter how it comes) is the final most sacred cleanse, where spiritual freedom can be experienced.

In a culture where death is treated as a mistake. Where we are taught to fear death, illness and suffering. Where we treat our bodies as our identity, instead of a temporary home. It’s easy to get convinced to fight with illnesses. It’s easy to count death tolls and point fingers. It’s easy to waste energy trying to “stop the spread” of disease. It’s easy to find ourselves fighting with others, even our friends and loved ones, as long as we wrongly perceive that our health is a result of other people’s actions. It’s easy to get caught up in the superficial events and leave the inner work unaddressed.

I challenge everyone to see through this illusion. Remember that health is a personal responsibility. Remember to be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions and orient them in a loving way, no matter what happens. Remember to take time to care for yourself. Take time to be alone with God and nature. Honor the sacredness of the mind, body and spirit and allow the spirit to change you for the better. Help others learn this truth, not by preaching, but instead through your actions. Health speaks for itself.

Wyoming Skyline

Wyoming Skyline

This is an account of a powerful experience of forgiveness. As with many of my life lessons, it occurred at work. The conflict started because of my attempt to introduce holistic principles while caring for a patient. I felt called to speak a hard truth to a patient and the family who was going through some very intense life experiences. They were dealing with loss on a big level. I had learned in the past when tough, but loving advice pops up into my head, to be at peace with myself, I must speak that truth. I often hesitate, because such advice goes deep and can sometimes trigger an intense rejection. For example, I sometimes give advice about marriage, relationships or job choices. I’ve told a cattle rancher to start eating vegetarian and a girl that she needed to end a toxic relationship. Whatever advice I give, I do my best to present the idea in the most gentle way possible, but even then it can still trigger hurt feelings and rejection.

After giving such advice one day, I felt a huge wall of tension between me and the family member of my patient. We went our separate ways, but a month or two later I discovered that a complaint had been filed against me. I was asked to meet with the hospital administration as they read me the letter. It was clear that this person was deeply hurt. It was also clear in the letter, that they intended to damage my reputation. I felt that my job was being threatened and my work is the cornerstone of my spiritual path. This letter of complaint was attacking the heart of my spiritual path. If felt every bit of this attack.

Fortunately the staff that was handling this issue, was well of aware of the extra efforts I took to care for my patients. They were able to step back and understand that the letter was written by a person trapped in a very rough life experience. They could see how that was fueling the words in the letter as much as or more than the advice I had given. I was comforted by them that my job was safe. They planned to call the person and let them know they were aware of the dissatisfaction and that I was sorry for having caused it, but that my intentions were only to be helpful.

Despite this positive feedback, I was disturbed. My mind worried that this could happen again. I was being forced to face a big hidden fear. Now that it was brought to the surface, I could see that I had been fearful that speaking my truth would jeopardize my spiritual path. When I thought about this rationally, I could see the fear made no sense. How could being true to my spiritual integrity, jeopardize my spiritual path? If I lost a job because of speaking the truth, then I was just working in the wrong place and being let go would be a gift. This self evaluation helped me to see through the fear, but the feeling didn’t go away that easily.

When I returned to work from the meeting, I felt myself cringe inside. The inner reaction was one of fear and shame. I allowed myself to be with those feelings while holding my head up. I did my best to be confident, caring and kind. None of the people who worked with me, knew about the complaint. It was up to me, and how I behaved to either give those feelings life, or let them dissolve from neglect. Later this very day I got a little nod of support from the universe. A doctor saw me and mentioned that his patients always say good things about me and that he appreciated the work I did. The negative emotions where still alive inside of me, but they were finding less and less to cling to.

After work, I went on a long meditative nature walk. I noticed very spiteful thoughts popping up towards the person that filed the complaint, now that I had no distractions. Whenever this happened, I imagined that I was face to face with this person and was given the chance to reconcile. I only choose to think thoughts that I would be comfortable voicing in this situation. Over a period of days, my mind relaxed about this matter and life went on.

As it turns out, a month or two later while at work, I discovered that the patient was hospitalized again, and the family member who I had upset was in the room. I could feel myself cringe inside at the prospect of having to face that person. I let that go. I wouldn’t let fear control my actions. In fact I considered walking in the room to face my fears and seek reconciliation, but then I thought my presence would be disturbing to them. I should give them their space.

Later that day, I found myself by a flower shop and immediately the idea popped into my head that it would be nice to buy some roses and pass them out to strangers. I purchased a couple red roses and walked along the street. As I walked, a new idea popped into my head. I should bring the roses to the patient and their family member. I hesitated. I feared being thrown out of the room and looking like a fool. But after thinking about my options, I decided it would be easier for me to handle rejection, knowing I was doing my best, than it would be to live with regret the rest of my life for passing up on this chance for forgiveness and reconciliation.

I walked up to the door of the room, knocked and as I entered I mentally bowed my ego with the intention of letting my guard down and being humble. When my “adversary” saw me holding the flowers, I quickly sensed a feeling of acceptance. I apologized for causing hurt feelings and offered the flowers. That person responded that they understood I was just trying to help, and that they were okay with me. We shared a long, gentle hug at which time I noticed both of our bodies relax even more. During this exchange my new friend had silent tears flowing. I felt both of our hearts had softened. After spending some time in the room, I walked out feeling very light on my feet. Instead of having to avoid a room in the hospital out of fear of losing my job, I now felt at home, surrounded by friends.

Sunset Casper Wyoming

Sunset Casper Wyoming

Sunny Park Day

Sunny Park Day

If you enjoy high quality relationships and wish to see more of them in your life, then be sure to maintain a healthy mental image towards all.  By “all” I mean your enemies, yourself, all human beings, nature and all creation.  What you hold in your mind, even the back of your mind, is what fills your heart.  What you carry in your heart spreads to your surroundings, even your loved ones.

When you make a firm decision to carry a positive mental image of all, or a loving inner attitude towards all, then you fill your heart with positivity which has an unspoken, uplifting effect on all those you come into contact with.  This is a challenging life work.  It is tough because we learn to hold different people in different lights.  We learn to have a different mental image of people, depending on whether their behavior patterns line up with our expectations.  Even if we’ve learned to treat all people with kindness, that may not be enough.  Our kindness probably has an “inner limit” which can be exceeded.  Or our kindness may only be a facade, when deep inside we sponsor other feelings.

Its what is deep inside which determines the quality of your relationships, not the superficial behaviors we act out.  If you take this idea to an extreme, you will see it is true.  For example, if someone has deeply hurt your feelings and you wish to forgive them and be able to enjoy their presence again, to be successful you will have to cultivate a healthy mind towards them.  If when they are absent you think of them negatively, or worse yet talk about them negatively, then the next time you are face to face you will be unable to look them straight in the eye and speak kindly to them.  If you attempt to be friendly, it will feel awkward and fake, because your kindness is fake.

If however you chose to really forgive and let go, and prove it by only choosing thoughts and words that you could speak to their face, even when they are absent, then you will find it easy to look them in the eye the next time you encounter them.  If you chose to forgive and love them, until you can give them a long, gentle hug, then your love has the potential to work magic.  The biggest challenge you may encounter on this endeavor is deeply healing your mind’s image of that person.  Once successful then your heart will harbor only kindness towards that person.  Kindness flowing from one heart to another, is a form of communication that can disarm even the most guarded person, because all beings love to be loved.

Heal all your enemies which such a practice and you will find your mind body and spirit relax.  You will have discovered a rare ability to unlock the positive potential in others.  You will learn to see the human being in another, when they may have lost touch with it themselves.  You will have learned to call out the spirit in another using only your love and your trusting presence.  As you heal your relationships, one at a time, you will feel yourself open up.  There will be nothing and no one to avoid, or hide from.  You will get a taste of true freedom and come to know just how valuable it is to cultivate a healthy mind towards all.

Beautiful Philippine Beach

Beautiful Philippine Beach

Beautiful Philippines Beach Picture, available free to the public domain, found in the Spiritual Treasures Bonus File

Key PointsThis tutorial will help with the following tasks:

  1. Downloading and Sharing the Files via Torrent
  2. Checking the Files’ Integrity with md5sum
  3. Extracting the Compressed Files

IntroductionThere are two Spiritual Treasures Files. Due to their large size, they need special handling.

  • The Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition. The core spiritual teachings. A 3.5 GB file which contains all the spiritual teachings, regarding the spiritual path of Kriya Yoga, which were posted online at the Cyberspace Ashram from 1997 through 2012. Information can be found at: Spiritual Treasures

– Compressed file name = Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2- Torrent file name = Kriya_Yoga_Spiritual_Treasures.torrent

  • The Spiritual Treasures Bonus File. The photo gallery. A 33.7 GB file which contains thousands of copyright free photos for sharing, which were also part of the Cyberspace Ashram. Information at: Spiritual Treasures Bonus

– Compressed file name = Spiritual_Treasures_Bonus.tar.bz2- Torrent file name = Beautiful_Philippines_nature_pictures.torrent

There are two ways to obtain the files.

  • Downloading them using the Torrent file sharing program
  • Transferring a copy from a memory device, such as a SSD.

The Spiritual Treasures files were designed with and hence most compatible with a Linux Operating System. The reason for using this Operating System is spiritual. Linux was created to be shared for free as opposed to other popular systems which have been created for profit. Linux comes standard with the tools necessary to open and check the integrity of the compressed file. Macintosh Operating Systems also come with the tools for opening and checking file integrity. For those using Windows, this tutorial will help you to find and install the correct software for opening and checking the files. It is recommended for easy sharing and reading to keep all the Spiritual Treasures files (both the COMPRESSED files and EXTRACTED files) in a single folder. I label that folder; God. If you are receiving these files directly from a friend with a memory device, then you will not need to download them with Torrent file sharing software. However, you may wish to install Torrent software to your computer so that you can share your Spiritual Treasures files with others. Torrent sharing is easy to learn and safe. Torrent software is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows OS. It is highly recommended to save your personal copy of these files on a durable memory device such as a Solid State Drive (SSD) for safe keeping.


Downloading and Sharing the File

Introduction: Torrent sharing software allows for easier sharing of large data packages. Most computer users don’t realize that whatever they download from the internet is stored somewhere else in the world at someone else’s expense. Usually this information is stored on servers. Usually the server owner offers this service to make a profit. To ensure that the Spiritual Treasures files are available for free, and the responsibility of storing the information is spread among many, these files are only downloadable through Torrent. Torrent technology allows personal computer owners to act as the source of information, usually at no extra cost. To download with Torrent the following are needed:

  • An online computer
  • A compatible torrent software program


  • The Spiritual Treasures TORRENT file

Spiritual Treasures
Fabio Visentin’s Server

Definitions: The downloadable COMPRESSED file contains all the valuable spiritual teachings or photos. The TORRENT file serves as a connector to help the Torrent software locate the COMPRESSED file and share it between computers. The COMPRESSED file could be thought of as the contents of a letter, whereas the TORRENT file is the addressed envelope. It is easy to distinguish the two files by checking how much data they contain. The TORRENT file is small, measured in MB, because it is simply an “address label”. The Spiritual Treasure COMPRESSED files are large, measured in GB, because they contain all the actual information.

Downloading: To start, first download and install one of the torrent software programs listed above. Make sure it is compatible with your OS. Then open the desired TORRENT file in your computer and it will do the rest. It will automatically open the Torrent program you’ve just installed. Since it acts as an address label, it will find and start pulling the COMPRESSED file from other computers around the world. As you do this, your computer automatically shares the COMPRESSED files with others. All that needs to be done is to keep the computer turned on and keep it online. The monitor can be set to sleep, and the computer kept on, so that your computer shares even when you are not around, 24/7. Once fully downloaded, you’ll need to check and open the COMPRESSED file as discussed in the upcoming sections.

Sharing (known as “seeding”) without Downloading: If you already have the Spiritual Treasures COMPRESSED file saved on your computer, you can share it without downloading another copy. To do this you can start the download process, which happens automatically when you click on the Spiritual Treasures TORRENT file that you wish to share. The Torrent window will open and start the download. Click the “stop” button to pause the operation. See where the Torrent program was attempting to save the file on your computer. Depending on the program and OS, the way to check may be slightly different. Usually right clicking over the file that you wish to check will give you an option such as “Open Containing Folder” or “Show in Finder”. A folder named “God” is typically created in the “download” section of the computer. Sometimes this folder will not appear until a small portion of the download is started. Once you locate where this folder is, just click and drag the COMPRESSED file you already have to this location. Restart Torrent by clicking the “start” button. Torrent will then perform a “check”, which will be evident in the progress bar to ensure you have the correct file. Once checked, the progress bar will turn green and say “seeding” on it. This will be much quicker than downloading the file.

Checking the File Integrity

Introduction: Verifying that the Spiritual Treasures COMPRESSED files are intact is important, because of their spiritual content and also because the large size of these files makes them vulnerable to being damaged in transfer. The preferred method of verification is a coding system called “md5sum”. Each Spiritual Treasure file, upon completion was encrypted with a unique, permanent code. Any manipulation of the file, including simply renaming the file will alter this code, warning the user that the teachings have been damaged or altered. At the users end, a md5sum software tool is needed to verify the integrity of the files. Due to the size of these files, it may take minutes up to an hour for the tool to generate the long md5sum code. Once complete this can be compared to the codes below:
Md5sum Codes:

  • Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2 = 54d1622ea2d03c29cbce6ab7ef5ccf4a
  • Spiritual_Treasures_Bonus.tar.bz2 = f3021c7da53f09973e639acc72ce6ece

Md5sum Software Programs:

  • Linux

Md5sum checking comes standard on Linux. Open the command prompt console (CLI) or terminal. Type “md5sum”, then a space, then the name of the file. Click enter and the md5sum will be generated.

  • Mac

Md5sum is also standard on mac. Simply open the Terminal (In Finder go to Applications>Utilities>Terminal). In the Terminal window, enter the command “md5” follow this with one space and then click and drag the file which you wish to check into the window. Then click Enter. After several minutes the md5sum will appear below this command.

  • Windows

A free, user friendly md5sum program called WinMD5free is available here for Windows: WinMD5free
Installation of this program is self-explanatory and shows you how to check the md5sum of a file. Remember to be patient as the computer generates the final md5sum. It may take several minutes due to the large file size.

Extracting the Compressed File

Compressed files are a means of safely storing and moving large data collections. The information is not immediately readable in these files and must be extracted first. A variety of different compressed file types exist, the two used for Spiritual treasures are tar and bz2 (also known as bzip2). First, the information will be extracted from the bz2 file, then from the tar file. Some computers will automatically start this second extraction, but many require the user to initiate it. Due to the large size of these files, extractions times may be prolonged, anywhere from minutes to hours. Be sure to have adequate computer space to open these files.

  • Linux

Locate either of the Spiritual Treasures compressed files. Double click on the file icon and a window will open to show a progress bar for extraction. Once the tar file is extracted from the bz2, then just click and drag that file, where ever you wish to store the final folder. A progress bar will once again appear.

  • Mac

Procedure is the same as for Linux.

  • Windows

Windows OS does not come standard with an extraction tool. At the time of this writing the following two tools were effective and readily available:



This tool is can be found by Googling the search terms: “7-zip download”, currently located at this link:
7 Zip Download and install this tool. If Windows doesn’t automatically select this tool to extract the file there are two ways to use it. First, the 7-zip program can be opened directly. Once open, there is the option to browse the computer and select the file to extract. Or, you can right click on the Spiritual Treasures zip file, then choose the “Open With” option. A new window will open in which you can browse for the 7-zip program and select it. This will start the extraction process. Once the tar file is extracted from the bz2 file, click and drag the tar file into the folder in which you would like to open the final readable version. This will initiate the second extraction.

– WinRar

Use the Google search terms “WinRar download”, which is currently located at this link: WinRar
Follow the same procedure as described for 7-zip to extract the file.


Once extracted, your Spiritual Treasures file is readable offline using any major web browser. Firefox is highly recommended for this purpose, because it is an open source software. To access the teachings, open the folder named “Spiritual Treasures”, then the folder named “”, then the file named “Index” (Spiritual Treasures>>index). The web browser will automatically open to the start page which allows for easy surfing of the spiritual teachings. This page can be saved as a “bookmark” or a “favorite”, just as you would an online page for easy return browsing.

Cambodian Marketplace

Cambodian Marketplace


Mindful consumption of resources on this planet is a lesson to be learned by all who seek spiritual wellbeing.  I read an article recently, where a man had learned the value of that lesson after successfully living without money for over one year (The Man Who Lives Without Money).  He made the following valid points:


“If we grew our own food, we wouldn’t waste a third of it today”

“If we made our own tables and chairs, we wouldn’t throw them out the moment we changed the interior décor. If we had to clean our own water, we probably wouldn’t shit in it”


Appreciation of what you consume is the gift of having achieved a high level of self-sufficiency.  There is no need to live without money to become a mindful, balanced consumer.  Living by honest donations automatically achieves the same results.

Honest donations applies to both making and spending money.  When receiving payments, honest donations mean you expect a payment for your work, but that you allow the client or employer to choose a meaningful amount.  When spending money, honest donations means you are happy to pay a full amount for the things you love to consume.  You understand that such payment is needed to support the resource you value.  When using services, an honest donation means that you pay them the same amount per hour that you make, regardless of how simple their job may be.  All who put themselves out in this global work force for the benefit of serving others deserve to be treated equal.  A small increase in pay makes sense for those who have decades of experience.  Maybe you don’t get paid by the hour and are not sure how to calculate?  Your heart will know the right amount to pay.

Money in and of itself is neither positive or negative.  It is how and why you use your money, that determines whether it causes problems or solves them.  Living by honest donations heals any ill spending habits that you may have picked up in your lifetime.  On this planet, we are all connected.  The desire to get more than you earned or paid for, has an impact on those who do the real work.  Enjoying bargain shopping or passive income, can only exist with the simultaneous exploitation of the poor and needy.  If you are lucky, life will remind you of the consequence of your actions, as it did for the shopper who found a “cry for help” sewn into the label of her dress.  The label read “forced to work for exhausting hours”.  Even if those being taken advantage of are out of sight, you can be sure that your actions have a direct impact on your very own spiritual wellbeing.  And your spiritual wellbeing is the foundation for your health and happiness.

Learn to be self sufficient.  Learn to be a source of value for the global community.  You may then find that living a simple life, with the thoughtful consumption of limited resources, leads to a most happy life.


Echinacea at Healthy Mind Body

Echinacea at Healthy Mind Body

Real love, when flowing, can be felt.  It is an energy that, although invisible, has real effects on one’s health and the health of their surroundings.  Over and over again in my life, this loving presence has proven to be the ultimate truth teller.  It reveals truths about myself that help me improve my spiritual wellbeing and the health of my mind body connection.  It also draws out the best in those around me.  If someone is not ready to be authentic, then it seems to make them feel uncomfortable and they either change their behaviors or just vanish from my life.  If I approach someone with an open heart, it is almost impossible for them to take advantage of the situation, and if they do, I know for certain that it poisons their own heart and so even then there is value in the exchange.  They receive direct feedback about a non-loving aspect of themselves and cannot be truly happy until they reconcile with their past.  I have had countless experiences to validate this impact of love, and here I will share a recent one:

On the street I was approached by a young man, similar to my own age.  He asked for some spare money to help buy a bus ticket, stating that he was separated from his 1-1/2 year old son.  I always carry cash and love to solve such problems to complete closure.  I looked him straight in the eyes and said “lets go to the ticket counter and I’ll buy your whole ticket right now”.  His response revealed that he had a hidden agenda.  He didn’t want the ticket stating that things were complicated and he had other family involved, etc, etc.  I noticed an awkwardness between us at that moment.  There was a reflex “judging” reaction inside me.  I forgave him in my heart, said nothing, continued to maintain eye contact as he attempted to explain himself and in this short period of time felt that “judging attitude” melt away inside me.  After talking for a bit, finally the young man said “you don’t have to give me money if you don’t believe me” and then walked off.  I walked off in my direction with complete closure on the situation, despite having said almost no words after offering to purchase his bus ticket.

What I witnessed during this brief exchange was that I had sincerely offered to help solve his problem (as opposed to just giving him a couple dollars to “get him out of my hair”).  When that response “called out his insincerity”, I was able to forgive him in the heart on the spot, resulting in a flow of loving energy.  Everyone loves to be loved.  And its only possible to enjoy this loving feeling if you are being true to yourself.  Hence the young man’s natural response was to walk away from the situation without taking anything, all on his own accord.  Certainly I could have achieved the same end results without forgiving him, but the it wouldn’t have been the same.  At some level there would have been a battle of egos.  His natural response would have been to defend himself and in such a contracted state, there would have been no learning.  There would be no recognition of his heart’s feedback.  Love is the ultimate teacher, and for those who are ready it always promotes the only true type of change, change that comes from within, on its own accord.

Anyone can expect to enjoy similar protection and guidance in their life simply by making love their first priority and proving it with their actions.  As you learn to recognize your own hidden agendas and adjust as needed, the purity of your intentions will speak for themselves.  Ask God to show you what needs changing in a love prayer, or study and apply any set of sincere spiritual teachings, such as the Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition and you will receive spiritual guidance designed just for you.

Cloud Formations over Casper Mountain

Cloud Formations over Casper Mountain


The Healthy Spirit Blog is devoted to providing resources which promote spiritual wellbeing.  It is the author’s goal that this blog touches on many different aspects of life and living, and in doing so truly offers a holistic approach to health and happiness.  For example this blog will cover the following categories and possibly many more:

  1. Holistic Medicine (natural remedies, healing techniques and alternative therapies)
  2. Alternative Lifestyles (sustainable living, permaculture, integrating life with nature, alternative energy and natural building ideas)
  3. Food (diet recommendations and recipes)
  4. Organic Gardening (composting and cultivating herbs, fruits and vegetables)
  5. Spirituality (spiritual principles and practices)
  6. Relationships (marriage, sexuality and love)
  7. Jobs (spiritually oriented businesses, jobs and career ideas)

Life on earth is meant to be enjoyed.  Yet everything in this physical world is temporary and meant to be used as a tool for spiritual progress.  The quality of our life experiences which naturally flow into our day are equal to the quality of experiences we bring to others.  Use everything in your life to nourish yourself and to become a better source of happiness for others.  As you learn to share love in deepening ways, you will also come to feel God’s presence in your life.  This is the most precious gift.  It can become a constant source of security and happiness, when in contrast you can expect to lose everything else in this physical world one day.

It is the author’s intentions that all who study and apply the content of this blog, as well as the other resources he offers, enjoy a real and palpable spiritual connection.  He hopes that all become more aware of God’s presence in their life’s and become uplifting members of their respective communities.