Love Reveals Truth, An Experience


Echinacea at Healthy Mind Body

Echinacea at Healthy Mind Body

Real love, when flowing, can be felt.  It is an energy that, although invisible, has real effects on one’s health and the health of their surroundings.  Over and over again in my life, this loving presence has proven to be the ultimate truth teller.  It reveals truths about myself that help me improve my spiritual wellbeing and the health of my mind body connection.  It also draws out the best in those around me.  If someone is not ready to be authentic, then it seems to make them feel uncomfortable and they either change their behaviors or just vanish from my life.  If I approach someone with an open heart, it is almost impossible for them to take advantage of the situation, and if they do, I know for certain that it poisons their own heart and so even then there is value in the exchange.  They receive direct feedback about a non-loving aspect of themselves and cannot be truly happy until they reconcile with their past.  I have had countless experiences to validate this impact of love, and here I will share a recent one:

On the street I was approached by a young man, similar to my own age.  He asked for some spare money to help buy a bus ticket, stating that he was separated from his 1-1/2 year old son.  I always carry cash and love to solve such problems to complete closure.  I looked him straight in the eyes and said “lets go to the ticket counter and I’ll buy your whole ticket right now”.  His response revealed that he had a hidden agenda.  He didn’t want the ticket stating that things were complicated and he had other family involved, etc, etc.  I noticed an awkwardness between us at that moment.  There was a reflex “judging” reaction inside me.  I forgave him in my heart, said nothing, continued to maintain eye contact as he attempted to explain himself and in this short period of time felt that “judging attitude” melt away inside me.  After talking for a bit, finally the young man said “you don’t have to give me money if you don’t believe me” and then walked off.  I walked off in my direction with complete closure on the situation, despite having said almost no words after offering to purchase his bus ticket.

What I witnessed during this brief exchange was that I had sincerely offered to help solve his problem (as opposed to just giving him a couple dollars to “get him out of my hair”).  When that response “called out his insincerity”, I was able to forgive him in the heart on the spot, resulting in a flow of loving energy.  Everyone loves to be loved.  And its only possible to enjoy this loving feeling if you are being true to yourself.  Hence the young man’s natural response was to walk away from the situation without taking anything, all on his own accord.  Certainly I could have achieved the same end results without forgiving him, but the it wouldn’t have been the same.  At some level there would have been a battle of egos.  His natural response would have been to defend himself and in such a contracted state, there would have been no learning.  There would be no recognition of his heart’s feedback.  Love is the ultimate teacher, and for those who are ready it always promotes the only true type of change, change that comes from within, on its own accord.

Anyone can expect to enjoy similar protection and guidance in their life simply by making love their first priority and proving it with their actions.  As you learn to recognize your own hidden agendas and adjust as needed, the purity of your intentions will speak for themselves.  Ask God to show you what needs changing in a love prayer, or study and apply any set of sincere spiritual teachings, such as the Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition and you will receive spiritual guidance designed just for you.