Clove Tincture Recipe

Clove Tincture

Clove Tincture

Clove tincture has multiple therapeutic purposes.  I take it along with black walnut hull tincture and wormwood tincture as an antiparasitic.  In this article, I share how to make your own clove tincture by hand.

Basic Recipe

Mix ground cloves with 80-100 proof alcohol.  Let the mix sit for 6 weeks, strain and reserve the alcohol.

In Depth Tutorial

Getting Fresh Organic Cloves

The quality of dried cloves can vary.  After sampling 3 different organic clove brands, I choose Organic World Spice Market.  The aroma of these cloves hit my face when I smelled them.  They really stood out compared to other brands I tried.

Grinding the Cloves

To ensure freshness, I purchased whole cloves and then ground them the day I made the tincture.  If you do the same, make sure you clean your coffee grinder well before you use it again.

Grinding Whole Cloves

Grinding Whole Cloves

Basic Recipe Plus

I used 2.5 tbl of ground cloves for every 2 oz of alcohol.  For this particular batch, 8 oz of whole cloves ground down to 32 tbl, which calls for 26 oz of alcohol.  The whole concoction fit perfectly into a 1 quart glass jar.  If using a metal lid be sure to put a piece of plastic wrap down first.  Store the tincture in a cool, dry place for 6 weeks.

Ground Cloves in Alcohol

Ground Cloves in Alcohol

Finished Product

Next strain the mix through a coffee filter and bottle it.  Take 20 drops three times a day for 2 weeks, along with the black walnut hull tincture and clove tincture.  On the mornings you take the 3 tinctures, take the clove tincture first, about 20 minutes before the other two.  The amount of tincture for a 2 week treatment fits perfectly into a 2 ounce remedy bottle.  Store in a cool, dry place.